MRC/BHF Heart Protection Study

Global Statistics

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Global Statistics
Region of the world Millions of people with condition (i.e. "prevalence")*
Established Market Economies ** 8.29.537.9
Former Socialist 5.8 4.4 11.0
India 6.62.718.1
China 4.57.410.3
Other Asia & Islands 2.42.313.0
Sub-Sahara Africa
Latin America / Caribbean 2.01.611.2
Middle East Crescent 3.31.613.0
World total 34.030.9118.3

* Prevalence: WHO Global Health Statistics (Murray CJL & Lopez AD, 1996): Estimates of numbers of people at all ages with coronary heart disease (angina), with stroke and with diabetes in 1990. NOTE: Some people may have more than one of these conditions and so be included in more than one column (i.e. there is some "double counting" due to overlap), but similar statistics are not readily available for people with other occlusive arterial disease (which would tend to under-estimate the size of the population to which the study results are relevant).

** Established Market Economies are Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and US. WHO prevalence estimates for countries or areas within regions are not currently available, but (based on population size) the numbers of people with these conditions would be expected to be about 17M in US, 26M in Europe and 4M in UK alone.